Delicious Recipes for High Protein Low Carb Diet

High protein low carb diet is commonly used for weight loss purposes. The high protein low carb diet program reduces the intake of carbohydrates the main energy providing food class. Instead, these high protein low carb diet plans focus on getting the major part of energy for the body from proteins.

How High Protein Low Carb Diet Works

There are some vital nutrients needed by our body in large amounts because they are the main source of energy. These nutrients are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. There are many foods containing one of these without having the other two. There is a common misconception that only fat causes obesity; however, carbohydrates are also a major reason behind weight gain. There are two types of carbohydrates: complex carbs and simple carbs.

Complex carbs come from whole grain food items, like bread, pasta and rice etc. While simple carbs often referred to as empty calories, come from sugar, soda, syrups etc. Experts believe around fifty percent of our carbohydrate intake should consist of complex carbs, as they are absorbed in the blood gradually, providing a steady supply of energy. On the other hand, simple carbs are required in small amounts only, since they are the major reason behind obesity. The excess sugar consumed is stored in body as fat, resulting in weight gain.

On the other hand, when you are on a high protein low carb diet, sugar intake is reduced and the major portion of energy is obtained from proteins. This provides a twofold benefit; it provides you with just the right amount of energy required, but does not provide the body with excess starch to be converted into fat.

Benefits of High Protein Low Carb Diet

A high protein low carb diet is mainly used to get rid of obesity. It helps in weight control and a quicker weight loss. Since a high protein diet makes the body use its stored fat in order to gain energy, it means the body works automatically to put off the excess weight.

A High protein low carb diet does not deprive the body of the essential nutrients. Since, protein is used as the main energy source, with a little amount of whole grain carbs are also, the body gets the appropriate amount of vitamins, minerals and fibers.

Furthermore, a high protein low carb diet also stabilizes blood sugar levels. So, people who are diabetic or have hyper insulin medical condition, are recommended to follow this diet to maintain a healthy life.

Risks Involved

Although a high protein low carb diet is preferred for weight loss, people with certain medical conditions are strictly prohibited to increase protein intake.

High protein diet usually has a high amount of saturated fats. Thus, it is not a healthy diet for people who have cardiovascular diseases. This diet may result in increasing their blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Since, protein diet reduces the calcium content of bones, people with osteoarthritis, or any form of bone or joint pain, should never go for a high protein diet. It can also make the kidneys overworked.

Carbohydrates are an essential fuel for the nervous system, so reducing their intake can lead to lower mental power. Moreover, high protein low carb diet can also cause headaches, constipation, and diarrhea.

Therefore, it is strictly advised to follow the diet under expert supervision after consulting your medical specialist.

Food Classes to be Used in High Protein Low Carb Diet

There are certain types of food containing high protein content and a very low content of sugar or carbohydrates. These are natural foods and can be included in your weight loss plan safely.

Meat, Fish, Poultry

Types of food, like beef, chicken and fish, are high in proteins and have no carbohydrate content. One ounce of any of these foods contains seven grams of protein and zero carbohydrates. To be precise, four ounces of cooked beef has thirty four grams of protein, while four grams of cooked salmon fish has thirty grams of protein. Both of these contain zero grams of carbohydrates. Other foods in the same food class providing high protein and no carbs include chicken breast, tuna, lamb and beef.

Soy Diet

High protein low carb diet is commonly used for weight loss purposes. The high protein low carb diet program reduces the intake of carbohydrates the main energy providing food class. Instead, these high protein low carb diet plans focus on getting the major part of energy for the body from proteins.

Soy food products may also be used as a part of your high protein low carb diet. Protein powder, easily available in the market, is actually soy protein isolate. One ounce of this protein powder contains twenty five grams of protein and no carbs. Similarly, another rich source of proteins, containing a low carb content, is soft and hard tofu. Soft tofu is rich in protein, but has only seven grams of carbs. The carbohydrate content of hard tofu is even less. Other such food products include soy based patty and soy based sausages.

Dairy Products and Eggs

Dairy products, like milk, cream and yogurt, contain both proteins and carbs. As it primarily depends upon how these products are consumed, their nutrient values vary. If energy powders and sugar are added to milk, it is enriched with carbs. Similarly, if yogurt is consumed with sugar, it will also provide carbohydrates. However, these products are rich in protein and have very low carbohydrate content. Cheese is a good source of protein, containing low carb content. Similarly, eggs are a rich source of proteins. Eggs, too, are low in carbohydrate content.


These are one of the healthiest sources of food. Most nuts are low in carbs and cholesterol and contain a rich amount of essential nutrients and proteins. Nuts can be consumed as snacks between meals. However, there are some nuts containing sugars. But, generally nuts can be incorporated in your high protein low carb diet.

High protein diet recipes

There are several varieties of food available, containing high protein and low carb content. Consider the following recipe ideas to add new and exciting dishes to your weight loss diet plan.

Cabbage beef soup

In order to prepare this healthy low carb soup, you need 1.75 grams of beef, a chopped onion, one chopped carrot, chopped celery, green bell pepper, half a cup A-1 sauce, half a cup red wine, two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, a pinch of salt, half a teaspoon black pepper, a chopped garlic, a pinch of oregano, a pinch of thyme,, half a tablespoon of caraway seeds, nine cups water, beef bouillon cubes, half a large sized cabbage finely cut and roasted red pepper finely chopped.

Take a pot and sauté onions, carrots, celery and green bell pepper for four minutes. Add beef pieces to it and sauté for three minutes on high flame. Add wine, spices and herbs, stirring well for two minutes. Now, add nine cups of water and crushed beef bouillon cubes. Stir to make the cubes dissolve completely. Now, add cabbage and roasted red pepper. Reduce the heat to low and let the soup simmer for several minutes. Partially cover the pot with its lid, and stir the soup occasionally. Let it cook on low flame for at least three hours. You can add more seasoning, if you want. This makes ten cups of soup.

Each cup has 110 calories; 20% from fat, 14 grams protein, 8 grams carbs, 2 grams fiber, 30 milligram cholesterol, and 2 gram fat.
Grilled Steak with Cumin Aioli Sauce

The ingredients needed for aioli sauce are: a tablespoon of cumin seeds, one egg, a teaspoon of mustard, half a teaspoon sea salt, one crushed garlic clove, half a cup vegetable oil, 20ml lemon juice and half a cup olive oil. For the steak, you need 45 ml olive oil, half a teaspoon of sea salt, two crushed garlic cloves, half a teaspoon black pepper and two pounds flank steak.

Take a frying pan and stir the cumin seeds, until their color changes. Now, grind these seeds well. Take a blender to blend egg, mustard, salt, garlic and ground seeds together. Now, gradually add the vegetable oil, so that a rich paste is formed. Now, add lemon juice and mix well. Again, add olive oil slowly, so that the mixture emulsifies. The aioli sauce is done; take it out in a bowl. For the steak preparation, take a bowl to mix olive oil, salt, garlic and pepper.  Marinate the steak with this mixture and let it rest overnight. Cook the marinated steak on a grill and serve with aioli sauce when cooked.

This makes six servings and each serving contains: 1.2 grams carbs, 1.5 grams fiber, 42 grams protein and a total of 701 calories.

Healthy Milk Shake

This is an easy recipe for a healthy high protein drink. Blend coffee, protein powder, vanilla milk, flax seed meal and ice cubes in a blender. Mix well, until the drink is ready. This drink is not only a rich source of protein, but it also fulfills the energy requirements of the body by providing important nutrients.

Quitting bread, pasta, rice and white flour products can really help in cutting your carbohydrate intake. But, it is important to note that carbs are the main energy providing food class. Completely eliminating them from your diet can be harmful for your health.

High protein low carb diet means a high intake of proteins and a reduced intake of carbs. No diet plan completely eliminates carbs from the diet.

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